With our cinematic style, multiple camera angles, fun music, and creative editing, we take humdrum wedding and event videography and turn it into something you’ll want to share and relive for years to come. By capturing everything from the biggest moments to the smallest gestures, the atmosphere and the energy, we craft our films to fit your unique style for your exceptional day.  It isn’t enough for us to just record your event. We want to tell your story.

Wedding Films

Our Wedding Films

It used to be that wedding videos were something that a couple would watch before putting away to collect dust. Our aim is to bring a fresh, dynamic approach, creating films that you'll want to share with your friends and relive over and over for years to come. Because we're a husband and wife team, we're able to bring a special skill-set that only working with your spouse can offer, capturing all the day's special little moments from both a male and female perspective, whether it's simply putting on a veil or adjusting a bow-tie.

One package. No stress.

We're not going to overwhelm you with a series of complex packages and add-ons. When it comes to weddings, we offer a base package that includes 2 videographers and 8 hours of coverage, with additional hours available. With much to think about while planning your wedding, let us be one of your easiest vendors.

Our Wedding Film package generally includes:
- 2 videographers to capture all aspects of your day
- The use of professional equipment including high definition video and high quality audio through wireless lavalier and shotgun mics
- Aerial footage of the wedding venue
- 8 hours of coverage (bride & groom preparation, pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception)
- Licensed music for the video
- a DVD (3 copies) of the full ceremony plus pre and post ceremony highlights
- a highlights film perfect for sharing on Facebook and other social media sites.

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Event Films

Like our Wedding Films, our Event Films are equally stylish and compelling, conveying both the spectacle and nuance of your event. Because event filming can vary greatly depending on type, location, client needs, among other factors, we can't provide a one-size-fits-most package or price. Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'd be glad to discuss the details of your event and give you a quote.

Promotional Real Estate Spotlights

We create dynamic cinematic content for prominent properties designed to assist realtors in attracting buyers and impress current and future sellers. Our films pair stylized walk-throughs and fly-overs with resonant music to create a sweeping emotional experience for prospective buyers. Pricing is based on the property, so contact us for a quote.

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Business Videos

There's no better promotion these days than Shares, Likes and Retweets. That's why we tell the unique stories of businesses and organizations with a modern aesthetic that fits right in with today's social media landscape. Because business films are particular to client needs, contact us for pricing.



Our Story

After getting married in 1999, we received our own wedding video, watched some of it, and then stuck it on a shelf somewhere never to see a VCR player again. (That’s right…VCR.) In 2012, Jay Houston of Click Photography asked us to film a wedding she was photographing. For years I had been making promotional videos for Mission Change, the non-profit organization I co-founded, but never something as formal as a wedding. It sounded like a cool prospect and a good way to spend an afternoon. Little did I know how fun it would be to film, and then later piece together into a story in editing. The final product captured all of the wedding’s biggest events, but was interspersed with enough little moments and soulful details about the couple that, when paired with the right music, it ceased being a wedding video. It became a wedding film. I couldn’t wait to share it.

It soon hit my wife La Donna and me. Why stop here? Why shouldn’t we crate for other couples the wedding film we wish we had? Something that wouldn’t be put on a shelf to collect dust, but would be actually watchable, and shareable. Our mission was clear: To bring the somewhat stuffy wedding video into the social age. To change it from just a tedious checklist of the big points to something that artfully relates the character and energy of the celebration, and serves as a testament to that couple and their unique story.

For the past three years we’ve been filming weddings all over Georgia and have been having a blast. Over that time, we’ve also expanded into event, real estate and business filmography, applying our eye-catching modern aesthetic to promotional content perfect for sharing on social media platforms.


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